Khánh Bảo

I was born in Hanoi. But most of my childhood was spent in HCMC. I returned Hanoi when I was 11 and have still been there since then. Because of the seemingly "complicated" background, my personal characteristic was a blend between the Northern and Southern styles.

My first experience with Photography was 6 years ago. Nevertheless, not until 2011 had I have a big life decision which was to drop out from Open University, and followed my dream in Photography. Now I've been a 3rd-year student, majored in Photography in Academy of Theatre and Cinema.

Metaphorically, photography was like a bridge for me to go to places and experience things that not all people can. It helps me discover more about this vibrant world, immerse in new cultures, and provide insights about lives from all levels.

Contact number: +84-989-763-090

Khánh Bảo